Intersection Opens Music To The Community

Guest blog post by Kelly Corcoran. Corcoran is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Nashville based ensemble, Intersection. Corcoran has conducted orchestras and ensembles around the world and is a passionate advocate for the value of music education.   She serves on the Advisory Council for Nashville’s “Music Makes Us” initiative.    Read more about Kelly at 


The vision of Intersection is to “expand and shift the perspectives of audiences and musicians of all ages” through our performance of contemporary classical music.   As Artistic Director of Intersection, I wanted to create a classical music ensemble that would explore and experience different cultures, voices and musical languages; stretch our ears and engage our senses; and empower a sense of curiosity and discovery in all of us – the composers we work with, our performers and our listeners.   We are all in this together.   


Family concerts are a core part of our identity.   I’ve always had a great passion for engaging young audiences and have been conducting educational programs for over ten years with many orchestras including The Cleveland Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony, Nashville Symphony and more.    I believe firmly that all good music can be experienced and enjoyed by young ears when presented in the right context.   This was confirmed recently when Intersection presented Elliott Carter’s Mosaic at a community concert.   Kids sat on the floor cross-legged surrounding the players while our harpist, Kirsten Agresta Copely, engaged in acrobatic techniques on her instrument.    The piece is fragmented, motivic, colorful and typical of Carter where each note is intricately placed and woven together with intention and purpose.   Our players were engaging their minds and bodies in this performance and the kids sat wide-eyed and glued to the display.   Afterwards, children asked questions and made profound comments on the experience they had witnessed.    This music was not “thorny” and “inaccessible” to these kids, it was something they had never heard before and they responded viscerally with curiosity.    


At the end of January we will present our second family concert, Mariachi, focused on the music of Mexico, as well as the world premiere of a new work by our composer ambassador, Cristina Spinei commissioned by Intersection to weave together the classical traditions and Mariachi influences.   The concert will also feature music by Silvestre Revueltas and Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez along with Mariachi selections performed with the musicians of Intersection and students from the Mariachi program at Glencliff High School.   We will have puppets from Wishing Chair Productions joining us and there will be narration in Spanish and English.    

En Español

Mariachi, es una tarde de actividades y música que ofrecen catorce músicos de intersección, estudiantes Gabriela Fuentes y Mariachi de Escuelas Metro. Explora la vitalidad de las tradiciones populares Mariachi y las voces clásicas contemporáneas de compositores mexicanos Silvestre Revueltas y Carlos Sánchez – Gutiérrez al experimentar las formas en que se cruzan y se influyen mutuamente.

También, Mariachi contará con el estreno mundial de una obra del compositor local y compositor embajador de Intersección Cristina Spinei. Cristina es un nominado al Grammy Latino y miembro querido de la intersección, y estamos muy emocionados de compartir una de sus piezas últimas con usted!

Los boletos cuestan sólo $15 para adultos y $7.50 para los niños (además de un pase familiar de cuatro personas por $35), así que coge entradas para una experiencia asequible, enriquecedor y divertido que será atractivo para toda la familia!



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